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My Mission

Hi, I’m Adam. I created this website to serve as an online resource you know you can trust for unbiased exercise, sports nutrition, and sport science information. The accurate nutrition, exercise, and sports science information on the internet has become diluted in a sea of myths and fallacies. As a result, factual information is hard to come by these days. My aim is to provide immediate access to the most accurate nutrition, exercise, and sport science information available based on the current evidence in literature.

Meet Adam

Adam Virgile

I graduated from the University of Vermont in May 2013 with a BSc in Exercise and Movement Science with a minor concentration in Nutrition and Food Science. During that summer, I became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Soon thereafter, I was hired as the first Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the New York Rangers. I loved this role; I was living my dream. During this time, I stumbled upon an intense passion for research and sport science. This newfound passion paved my way to becoming the team’s first Performance Analyst (“Sport Scientist”).

The Website

I became obsessed with reading research. Eventually, I began to create infographics and write research reviews to synthesize research findings. I figured that if this helped me better understand the research, it may help other people, as well. So, I decided to create a website as a means to share this information with the world. I’m really just a sports nutrition and science nerd who enjoys using his passion to help as many people as possible. You can learn more about my journey here.

Contact Me

Please feel free to get in touch! Send me an email at or fill out the info below.