Shaping the Future of Athletic Performance

The Fundamentals

My goal is to help people improve health, fitness, and quality of life.  It is important to me to help friends, family, and colleagues to live healthy, active lives, and to enable athletes to have long, productive, and successful careers.

I have a passion and curiosity for both the sports sciences and for athletic performance optimization strategies; I intend to merge my passion with practical resources for you to use to make more informed decisions.

I have been focusing on creating content and tools for 1) sports science knowledge acquisition and application (e.g., tutorials and inexpensive products), and 2) research dissemination (e.g., infographics and evidence-based reviews on athletic performance topics).

This site is not only about providing you with practical tools like infographics or tutorials; its purpose is to provide content that will help you make more informed decisions or enhance the skills you require to improve your health, your life, and your impact on others.

Who Am I?

Education and Experience

What I’m Doing Now

What's Here?


Covering various topics, including training, health, nutrition, sports science, and athletic performance.

Spreadsheets & Courses

Downloadable MS Excel & Google Spreadsheets, and courses to help you achieve your sports science goals.


Videos on how to use technology and software for increasing sports science and programming efficiency.


Blog-style reviews of peer-reviewed literature on various sports science, athletic performance, and nutrition topics.

Feel free to connect with me personally on social media or via email if you want to learn more.

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