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Data Collection

Discuss personalized data collection strategies to foster increased data validity and reliability; provide insights to improve time management and hassle-free data collection.

Data Interpretation

Discuss the intricacies and relevance of data interpretation methods; determine the context-specific pertinent metrics to focus on and aid in novel metric creation.

Data Display

Provide insights to improve data interactivity and story-telling experience with key stakeholders and enhance overall visual appeal of data display.

System Development

Provide insights on the integration of multiple components into a well-functioning high-performance system, including how data collection strategies tie into athlete compliance and information dissemination.

Performance Monitoring

Discuss practical integration of performance testing and monitoring; determine appropriateness of test selection, technologies, and how to seamlessly integrate "testing" as part of standard training.


Create or teach how to create visually appealing custom messaging (e.g., post-exercise nutrition guidelines, weight room rules, outcomes from a specific research paper, etc.)​

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