How to Build a Team Performance Dashboard in Google Sheets (UAMT Compatible)

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About Course

In this course, we will build a robust dashboard in Google Sheets that will allow you to display and interact with performance testing data from one, or multiple teams to see where each athlete fits in different contexts. Immersed The video below will explain how the end product works:

**Gold Level Members get free access to this course and its materials**

What Will You Learn?

  • Google Sheets skill development
  • Sports science knowledge
  • Data management and organization tactics
  • Data visualization tactics
  • Interactive dashboard design
  • **Gold Level Members get free access**

Course Content

The Essentials
Resources that you need to know about and concepts that must be understood prior to building the team performance testing dashboard.

Visualization 1: Dynamic and Interactive Multi-athlete Report Table
We create an incredibly robust framework to view athlete performance testing data for any metrics, any team (or all teams), any position (or all positions), any session (or all sessions), and any combination of these criteria. And, we can choose/modify all of these criteria, on the fly!

Visualizations 2 and 3: Group Comparisons and Top 5 Lists
We create a system to calculate group averages for all of our performance metrics based on any combination of relevant criteria that we choose (e.g., one team, all teams, one position, all positions, one session, all sessions). We also create an interactive and auto-updating "Top 5" list of athletes.

Fun Features and Visualization Hacks
We learn how to use emojis and special characters to identify injured athletes. We also create a group highlighter that identifies all athletes within a group when that group is selected.

Concluding Remarks