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Mark Ciaccio, NHL Tactical Skills Coach

Marc Ciaccio

As a hockey coach, I need to ensure that my players maintain a high energy level, reach their peak on-ice performance levels, and recover quickly. This can be a complicated process when athletic demands on players are constantly changing. Shakebot takes the guesswork out of finding the right supplements to maximize my players’ potential, particularly my younger players. The calculator is quick and easy to use, and players can track their activities on the site. I’d highly recommend Shakebot.

Robin Megill, MSPH, Student at Georgetown School of Medicine

Robin Megill

As a medical student, efficiency and time management are key, and ShakeBot is an essential resource. Primarily, ShakeBot helps me quickly determine caloric goals for daily and post-workout nutrition, depending on my fitness goals. It’s time-consuming to cipher through all the myths and false claims in nutrition and fitness, and I trust ShakeBot to provide me with concise, non-biased, and evidence-based information on fitness, diet, and health. ShakeBot is useful for anyone who wants to educate themselves on recent fitness and diet research, whether you are an athlete, researcher, health provider, or someone who wants to stay healthy and in shape. As a medical student with a graduate level education in human nutrition and public health, I highly recommend and approve of the recommendations, advice, and information given by ShakeBot.


Helene Mayer, Frequent Exerciser

helene Mayer

As I age, my ability to maintain the body I want gets increasingly difficult. When I search the internet for nutritional guidance, I’m overwhelmed with contradictory advice. Shakebot has helped me improve the way I look and feel by providing me with scientific, personalized nutritional guidance that I know I can trust. I’d highly recommend Shakebot without reservation.”