The Ultimate reference ORGANIZER

Benefits: What You Get

Interactive Searching

Dynamic searching through your research references that allows you to disseminate the literature in a meaningful way.

Easy Academic Writing

Using this tool will allow you to easily navigate through your references, which will save you time and energy when writing papers.

Organized References

A framework to better organize your references, making it much easier to navigate through the important takeaways from papers you've read.

First Things First

Click the link below to get the file. The file is free, for now. This will not always be the case; take advantage of the opportunity!


how it works

We review what the Ultimate Reference Organizer is, briefly go through its main functionalities, and discuss how it will help you.

We go over the functionalities of the Article Organizer feature.

We go over how to use the Advanced Search feature and tie everything together. This is a must-watch video because we go over some key pieces of information you will need to know to make the Excel file work for your needs.

We go through an example of how you can make very simple changes to suit your specific needs.  

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