Hawkin Dynamics Athlete Monitoring Tool (Google Sheets)


With this purchase, you will receive a Google Sheets file that can help with athlete performance monitoring and asymmetry analysis by allowing you to visualize data exported from the Hawkin Dynamics force plate software in a meaningful way.

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Athlete Monitoring:

Asymmetry Evaluation


This file is for jump asymmetry evaluation from Hawkin Dynamics force plate software exports. It is meant to be a plug-and-play tool that provides coaches with customized and efficient asymmetry analysis for the athletes they work with.


This is a free resource for our community (to get the file for free, you must be a member). As such, this is an iterative file. Feedback from the community may result in file updates and expansion over time in an effort to best serve those who use force-velocity profiling in research or practice.

Version 1:

  • Includes an asymmetry dashboard with the ability to set customized “warning” and “critical” asymmetry thresholds for Braking, Propulsive, and Landing metrics.
  • Includes a snapshot dashboard for viewing and sorting many athletes at one time; the snapshot includes absolute asymmetry values and direction of limb dominance.


Version 2 (Updated on 3/2/2021):

    • Added “Player Dashboard” that includes:
    • Comparisons between the selected athlete and the rest of your database for any Hawkin Dynamics metric.
      Ability to view the athlete’s performance over time for any Hawkin Dynamics metric.
      Integration of Dr. Jason Lake’s metric framework of ODSF (Output, Driver, Strategy, Fluffy) to better guide KPI selection.
  • Tutorial videos are provided within the sheets.
  • Access to Google Sheets is required to use this file/URL.



Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at the following email address: adam.virgile@gmail.com.