Shot Chart Dashboard


With this purchase, you will receive the final Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) file that is created after completion of the Shot Chart Dashboard tutorial video. For more details, please view the product description.




This Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) file provides a framework for a comprehensive and dynamic shot chart analysis. It’s interactive and dynamic in that you can select a variety of parameters to filter down your shot chart; teams, players, shot types, opponents, periods, and a variety of other factors can be manipulated. The data driving this chart is the X-Y coordinates of all shots taken in the National Hockey League (NHL) during the 2015-16 season. The concept behind this chart can be applied to any sport.  The primary purpose of this file is to provide you with an idea framework and calculation strategies that you can adapt to your specific monitoring needs.


With this purchase, you are getting the final file that is created after completion of the Shot Chart Dashboard tutorial video. You will receive one file:

(1) A version compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel


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