Ultimate Athlete Monitoring Toolkit in Google Sheets: Athlete Performance Testing Dashboard


With this purchase, you will receive two Google Sheets files that allow for comprehensive athlete performance testing evaluation. Using these templates, you can seamlessly plug in your data to efficiently evaluate athlete performance in many ways. With this purchase, you will also benefit from lifetime product updates/upgrades, free of charge. This dashboard also integrates seamlessly with the Team Performance Testing Dashboard so that you can have athlete and team performance testing dashboards in the same file.

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This file contains an interactive and customizable dashboard designed for evaluating athletes’ performance testing results in Google Sheets. More than that, this file contains a robust data collection, management, visualization, and interpretation system that allows for automated (yet customizable) data visualizations and interactions.


  • Compare an athlete to his or her cohort for any testing session
      • Select athlete
      • Select session of interest
      • Select up to 15 metrics to view at one time
      • Select cohort comparison (e.g., athlete’s team, position, or all-time performance)
      • Automatic identification of athletes’ biggest strengths and weaknesses
      • Sample performance scores are pre-calculated (tutorial video included to show you how to select your scoring system of interest)
  • View an athlete’s performance over time
      • Select athlete
      • Select date range
      • Select up to 11 metrics to view at one time
      • Fully interactive grid of the athlete’s historical data where you can sort by any metric of choice
      • Select cohort comparison (e.g., athlete’s team, position, or all-time performance)
      • Select sessions to include or exclude (e.g., Training Camp/In-season/Off-season, Fall/Winter/Spring)
      • **There is a bonus file that comes with this purchase which gives you the ability to compare an athlete of interest to any position and team in your database**
  • Includes integration of product updates, for life
  • Includes instructional videos for how to use the file
  • This file is part of a larger, comprehensive project called The Ultimate Athlete Monitoring Toolkit; other files in this project will be compatible and easy to integrate with this one
  • Google Sheets is required to use this file



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