NFL Combine and Game Performance Comparison Tool: ALL POSITIONS BUNDLE


With this purchase, you will receive a Google Sheets file that integrates NFL Combine with NFL game performance data between the years 2000 and 2020. Here are a few videos that go over how to use the tool and its features. You are able to compare NFL players to one another as well as enter in your own Combine values to see how you, your athletes, or your clients stack up against NFL players. Collectively, these files include ALL POSITIONS (with the exception of Special Teams and Offensive Linemen): Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Fullbacks, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, Cornerbacks, Safeties, Linebackers, Defensive Linemen, and Defensive Ends.

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Compare your Combine Metrics to NFL Players:

Compare Combine and Game Performance Metrics Between NFL Players:


This file serves three primary purposes:

  1. To allow for flexible and strategic NFL comparison and evaluation
  2. To give you the ability to compare yourself, your athletes’, and/or your clients’ physical abilities to NFL players
  3. To serve as an interactive and dynamic database of historical NFL Combine metrics
  4. Here are a few videos that go over how to use the tool and its features.


  • Tutorial videos are provided within the sheets.
  • Access to Google Sheets is required to use this file/URL.


By downloading this product you agree to not reproduce, resell, reconvey, or grant others permission to download or reproduce these files. Upon purchasing this product you will be able to download a PDF document with instructions for how to receive and use this NFL Combine and Game Performance Comparison Tool.



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