COURSE: How to Build a Team Performance Testing Dashboard in Google Sheets (UAMT Compatible)



With this purchase, you will be enrolled in the exclusive Team Performance Testing Dashboard course taught by Adam Virgile. In this course, we build a comprehensive team performance testing dashboard in Google Sheets while also learning skills that bring us to the next level with Google Sheets, data management, data visualization, and interactive dashboard design. The dashboard created during this course (The Team Performance Testing Dashboard) seamlessly integrates with the Athlete Performance Testing Dashboard.

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This course is designed to teach important sports science concepts through Google Sheets, resulting in a comprehensive and interactive dashboard to evaluate athlete performance testing data for one or more teams (or sports). We cut through the fluff and get right to the functions you need to know in Google Sheets to implement sports science effectively while developing this interactive dashboard. We also address important concepts relating to data management, visualization, and dashboard design.



  • Compare athletes within one or more teams (or sports)
      • Select team of interest or show athletes from all teams
      • Select testing session of interest or show data for all sessions
      • Select position group or show data for athletes of all positions
      • Select up to 9 metrics to see at one time
      • Sort athletes by any metric, including name to see top-to-bottom (or A-to-Z) lists
  • Compare groups to each other
      • Select team of interest or include data for athletes from all teams
      • Select position or sport groups to compare
      • Select testing session of interest or calculate data for all sessions
      • Select up to 9 metrics to see at one time
  • Automated “top 5” list
      • Based on your selections, a top 5 list is automatically generated
      • Select your metric of choice for the top 5 list



You will receive exclusive tutorial videos and materials to guide you throughout this course. In the end, you will have an interactive framework to analyze and communicate athlete performance data in a team setting. At the end of the course, you will have a dashboard that can integrate with the Athlete Performance Testing Dashboard, which is another component of The Ultimate Athlete Monitoring Toolkit. For more information including the course outline, please visit the official course page.


Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at the following email address: