Ultimate Athlete Monitoring Toolkit in Google Sheets: Team Performance Testing Dashboard


With this purchase, you will receive one Google Sheets file that allow for comprehensive team (or sport) performance testing evaluation. Using this template, you can seamlessly plug in your data to efficiently evaluate your athletes’ performances. This dashboard integrates seamlessly with the Athlete Performance Testing Dashboard (I show you how to do this in a 2-minute video). There is also this course, free to gold members, that takes you through how to build this dashboard from scratch. With this purchase, you will also benefit from lifetime product updates/upgrades, free of charge.

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This file contains an interactive and customizable dashboard designed for evaluating one or more teams (or sports) of athlete performance testing results in Google Sheets. More than that, this file contains a robust data collection, management, visualization, and interpretation system that allows for automated (yet customizable) data visualizations and interactions.


  • Compare athletes within one or more teams (or sports)
      • Select team of interest or show athletes from all teams
      • Select testing session of interest or show data for all sessions
      • Select position group or show data for athletes of all positions
      • Select up to 9 metrics to see at one time
  • Compare groups to each other
      • Select team of interest or include data for athletes from all teams
      • Select position or sport groups to compare
      • Select testing session of interest or calculate data for all sessions
      • Select up to 9 metrics to see at one time
  • Automated “top 5” list
      • Based on your selections, a top 5 list is automatically generated
      • Select your metric of choice for the top 5 list
  • Interact with custom analysis tools
      • Sort athletes by any metric, including name to see top-to-bottom (or A-to-Z) lists
      • Easily select boundaries for “green” and “red” zones to color-code your metrics based on your personal criteria
      • Turn “green” and “red” zones on/off, on-the-fly
  • Includes integration of product updates, for life
  • Includes instructional videos for how to use the file
  • This file is part of a larger, comprehensive project called The Ultimate Athlete Monitoring Toolkit; this file integrates with the Athlete Performance Testing Dashboard
  • There is a separate COURSE where I show you how to build this file, step-by-step which includes an immersive learning experience in Google Sheets and gives you an opportunity to customize the file to address your unique circumstances (course is FREE for Gold Members).
  • Google Sheets is required to use this file



Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at the following email address: